Investment Planning

Successful Investing Means Customized Solutions

The investment challenge for charitable endowments and foundations has become very complex. Faced with mounting choice and swifter, more volatile markets, the need to define and implement a suitable, customized investment strategy has become a necessity.

Courier Capital offers a customized approach that meets this challenge. We create portfolio solutions that are more individualized and suitable than the typical "product" solutions offered today. We build the investment process around the organization—its investment objectives, its time frame and its comfort with risk. By understanding the organization's needs, we can construct a customized investment plan that endures in different market environments

Your organization has a vision of the future. Our investment solutions are customized to help you focus on achieving that vision.

Our unwavering commitment to integrity, objectivity and stability allows us to offer the highest standards of service and performance. Our clients feel confident knowing that their assets are managed by many of the best investment management firms in the country.

We Deliver:

A disciplined investment process built around your unique needs

Access to institutional asset management (specialists who provide focused asset management for many of the nation's wealthiest individuals and foremost institutions)

Objective, independent research and thorough due diligence on all asset managers and mutual funds

  • Timely investment communications and commentary
  • Ongoing portfolio review
  • Comprehensive portfolio reporting

Building an InvestView Solution for You

Since 1967, Courier Capital has managed disciplined investment programs for affluent individual, charitable and institutional clients. Our InvestView investment approach begins with identifying each client's unique investment goals and establishing a customized investment plan to meet them. We employ a defined process for each step in the investment management cycle including goal setting and risk/return profiling, asset allocation modeling, investment manager selection and implementation, ongoing monitoring and comprehensive reporting. Through this four-step process, our advisory services provide a robust solution engineered to provide long-term investment success